Educational Modules

The following modules are being evaluated by Natural Resources Districts and other project partners. Modules may be completed in any order. After completing each module, please complete the provided feedback survey.

Module A

What is a watershed, and how does watershed delineation help us manage water resources? Learn key watershed characteristics. Identify key stakeholders to involve in watershed management planning. (Send us feedback for this module via online or print survey.)

Module B

Groundwater Quantity Educational Module 1
Learn the basic water balance components for a groundwater system. Use water data and groundwater maps to determine whether a groundwater system is in balance. (Send us feedback for this module via online or print survey.)

Module C

Groundwater Surface Water Interactions Educational Module 2
How do streams and groundwater interact? Learn how groundwater and surface water levels affect water movement, and understand how pumping can impact streamflow. (Send us feedback for this module via online or print survey.)

Funding Provided By

Partners and Reviewers

  • Modules have been developed in collaboration with the IANR Science Literacy Initiative. Our Curriculum Development Specialist is Erin Ingram.

We also gratefully acknowledge contributions from:

  • Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
  • Upper Loup Natural Resources District
  • Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District
  • Nebraska Association of Resources Districts
  • Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
  • Bureau of Sociological Research - University of Nebraska
  • Aaron Mittelstet - Biological Systems Engineering
  • Aaron Young - Conservation and Survey Division
  • Dana Divine - Conservation and Survey Division
  • Derrel Martin - Biological Systems Engineering
  • Doug Hallum - Conservation and Survey Division
  • Katie Pekarek - School of Natural Resources
  • Steve Sibray - Conservation and Survey Division
  • Sue Lackey - Conservation and Survey Division
    Aerial imagery courtesy of Jesse Korus